Frequently Asked Questions


Do you Take Insurance?

I do not take insurance, medicare or medicaid. I do provide receipts with information required from insurance companies in order to receive out of network benefits. I am considered an out of network provider, meaning I am not on insurance panels. You should contact your insurance to determine your out of network benefits to determine if you will be reimbursed for the cost of treatment. You may choose to ask about preauthorization requirements and CPT codes. I typically bill CPT code 90837.

WHere Are You LOCATED?

My office is located at 5 Market Square, Suite 3. It is between Alie Jewelers and Footnotes. When you enter the purple door to buiding, go up the stairs. At the end of the hall on the left there is a waiting room for my clients.


I typically work between 9 and 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. During the months, of June, July and August I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

where should i park?

Street parking is available on Daniel Street. Parking is also available in the Hanover Street Garage.

What Are YOUr FEES?

My typical fee is $195 per therapy hour. For clients who require home or community visits my fee is $225 per therapy hour. Travel to these visits is billed at my regular rate of $195. For more information, please review my practice policies and procedures.


I am able to take a limited number of adolescent clients.


The length of time someone is in treatment can vary based on many factors. Typically, clients see me anywhere from 15-20 sessions.

What is the difference between a one hour evaluation and a two hour evaluation?

In the first hour of an evaluation I collect information on current problem, history, past treatment, medical history, family history and interests. The second hour of the evaluation is a targeted assessment of your presenting difficulty. I typically do standardized assessment to determine severity and impact of the problem during the second evaluation. Some clients choose to do the second hour of the evaluation on a different date from the first because it increases the ability to get reimbursement (if offered by your insurance). The only difference between the evaluations is time. Regardless of whether you choose a one hour to two hour evaluation, I do all the components of the evaluation. Sometimes, it is just spread out over 2 sessions.